First Texan Car Detailing
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                  Custom Detailing by Michael Frost


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1sttexan Auto Detailing
5750 Royalton Suite F Houston, TX 77081 US
Phone: 713-592-0008 Website:

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       Auto Detailing

5750 Royalton
Suite F
Houston, Texas 77081


Page: Testimonials

Testimonials in Houston

T. Collins said:

"Fantastic"Posted: 10/1/2014 11:40 AM 

P.Orseck said:

"Excellent work!"


M. John said:

"Great job on the car and excellent service. Highly recommend!!!"

Houston - 4/26/2014

S. Hebert said:

"Awesome service and results! I will go back."

Houston - 04/18/2014

S. Lloyd said:

"Best detailing I have ever had! 2003 car looks like new! Will return again and again!"

 Houston - 04/6/2014Feb 25, 2014

L. Courtney said:

"Mike did a great job. "

Feb 23, 2014

S. Chen said:

"It was really a great job!"

Feb 17, 2014

R. Stein said:

"Well done !!"

Feb 14 2014

S.Andrews said:

"Great exterior detailing job! He even cleaned my engine compartment. Very professional. I will happily tell my friends to use him."

Jan 15 2014

D. Sederis said:

"Mike was friendly and did a great job."

JAN 18 2014 

A. Dhanani said:

"Excellent service and job I would definitely go again "

Houston - 11/6/2013

Victor C. said:

"Great service! I ordered the interior detailing and was very impressed with the results. Definitely will be using them again!"

8/23/2013 1:38 PM

M.Krawczak said:

"I usually keep my car looking pretty clean, but they made it look brand new. thanks guys keep up the good work"8/20/2013 9:01 AM\

B. Keller said:   

"the owner is extremely kind and patient, even when handling a very old and dirty car for the job... "

Facebook User ( 1 )Great attention to detail. Expect your vehicle to look brand new no matter which package you choose!R. Nguyen 


Very professional!

 Katie G.


"1st Texan was very accommodating and very polite. I never had any problem getting in touch with them, and we were able to figure out something to work with my schedule. Plus, my car hasn't been this spotless since I bought it!

Y. Saunders


My car has not looked this good since the day I bought it.

S. Karsaliya


Amazing attention to detail, think I found where I will take my car from now on.G. Kizer


First, I nearly bought another deal but when I called them and asked how long it would take, I was told 30-45 minutes. Detailing a car myself in the past, I knew that was going to be shotty work. When I called Mike at 1st Texas Auto Detailing, he told me it would take 2.5-3 hours. Now thats what I call detailing. Mike was Awesome!! By the time I returned, my car was Brand New looking again and trust me, it wasnt looking that way when I brought it in to be detailed. Spots I never thought would go away were gone. Mike not only made room for me on his schedule, he took the time to explain what he did to my car and what follow-up I needed to do to avoid any post detailing mildew only because it was 100 % humid outside. Taking the time to explain how to maintain my detailing results takes more.

than just a business transaction...its QUALITY at its BEST!! Thanks MIKE!!!!E. Jascolt



J. Thompson


"Mike is a pro. My car looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor. Definitely a great job!"A. Bartle


"Impeccable workmanship. Works by appointment only. Only one car at a time. I would definitely use again!"

M. McGlamery


"We had a Ford Expedition fully detailed and are very happy with the results. We'll definitely do business with them again"

S. Jain


"Great service. Right on time. Very friendly owner."

D. Mukhopadhyay


2"Mike is a great guy!!! But the most amazing thing is the quality of service that he delivers