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Semi Permanent Ceramic Nano Coatings

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First Texan Auto
5750 Royalton
Suite F
Houston, Texas 77081


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Tired of paying professional Auto Detailing prices at the big car wash or roadside wash hut, only to find a less than professional job?
Does your head spin at the esoteric and overly complex explanations some shops have for simple services and procedures? ie:surfactant (soap), Nano (very small) particles,Synergy (combines) etc..And crazy high prices to match.

Let 1st-Texan be your solution to these issues.

We are a professional Detailing shop.Specialist's in luxury and exotic autos. We are also versed in most every brand and model of auto. We have a 4000 sq sf ft shop. 3 minutes from the Galleria.

Although equipment is important and we have some of the best. Don't forget, the most important factor in a quality Detail is the Detailer performing the work. Not how much expensive equipment he has. Other than shop overhead, 98% of a customers money goes toward labor performed on the vehicle.

Mike will be your personal Detailer!
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