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     Ceramic Nano Coatings

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Ceramic Nano Coatings

                Ceramic Nano Coatings

    Prices for small cars like a "Mini" start at $500

    For Large Trucks and SUV'S up to $1600

        Prices will vary depending on model. Does not include paint correction.

                    What are Ceramic Nano Coatings?


 They are the latest and most innovative surface protections to date. They are semi-permanent clear layers of paint protection that act as a hardened second skin. To a stated 9H hardness level. Protecting your paint for years. No waxing needed. 

 The main ingredient “SiO2” has been added to many other products. Such as car wash soaps, waterless car washes, and paint sealants. These are NOT considered “coatings”, the protection from these products can range from days to months depending on what they were designed to do. To label it a “coating”, it should be resin based. So be careful. There are some dis-reputable Detailers out there selling you a ceramic coating when they are only applying a sealant.   

At First Texan we install "Cquartz Ceramic Nano Coatings"

What do they do? They protect surfaces by repelling water and dirt to an extreme (Hydrophobic) level. They add an increased level of gloss and resistance to chemicals and light abrasions from washing and general use.

What don’t they do? They will not stop rock chips or water spotting and they do not replace proper care or maintenance. They do not prevent dings or dents. They are not bullet proof and being semi-permanent, they do not last forever.

Ceramic coatings claim improved hardness up to 9, or 9H. This doesn’t mean the coating is impervious to scratches, all this means is that a certain hardness pencil will not scratch it. Most hard objects will exceed the comparable 9H pencil. If you put your soda bottle on your car and it slides off – it will scratch your ceramic coating. Or if you use a dish scrubber to wash your car, it will scratch. Or if someone keys your car it will go through. All this means is that only the lightest of abrasions will be prevented by installing a ceramic coating. A Ceramic Coating isn’t going to bounce bullets. Ceramic Nano Coatings in Houston by First Texan Auto Detailing in Houston

                             What to look for when choosing an installer?

 Check online reviews from Yelp, facebook or google. Look for photos of prior installations (the photos on this page are all Ceramic installations).  Do not buy into hype marketing. Are they all they claim to be? There are many claims that are exaggerated or overstated. If the sales pitch sounds like an infomercial. Beware.  

The most important factor in a quality installation is the installer performing the work. Most Ceramic Coating products are very similar in chemical makeup. Anyone who promises to hand the car back to you in a few hours? Run. A proper Ceramic Coating installation takes a minimum 2 days. Here at First Texan it's 3-4. We allow a 48 hours indoor curing time after the installation.  

Choose an installer who applies a coating that does not require the application of booster products. 

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