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By Estimate:

Contaminate removal from paint
Advanced (paint correction) Compounding
Windshield Ding Repair
Connolly Leather Treatment
Headlight Restoration

Some of the products we use:

Car Brite

         First Texan 
      Auto Detailing

5750 Royalton
Suite F 
Houston, Texas 77081

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            In Shop Services

The following prices are for vehicles in very good to excellent condition
                                     Actual type of auto and condition may affect final Detailing price

             Overspray/contaminate removal by estimate   
    Exotics and classics will require a direct consultation by Mike            
                        Hourly labor rate @ $65 per hour

    The following prices are for CARS and SUVs in very good to excellent condition

The Full Detail combines the Exterior and Interior Detailing packages.

         Exterior Detailing Only: Cars $149+ SUVs $179+
                   (Clay Bar for minor paint issues included)

Hand Wash
Engine Clean and Condition
High Speed machine Polish
Hand applied long life polymer sealant
Wheel,Tire Clean and Condition (matte finish upon request)
Exterior Windows

  Interior Detailing Only: Cars $129+ SUVs $149+   

Interior vinyl-leather Clean and Condition
Gauges,Vents and Switches cleaned & detailed 
Steam Clean carpets,mats,seats
Interior Windows

Wash and Wax: $109 +(SUV $129+)
 (Paint must be in showroom condition)
Hand Wash
Hand applied long life polymer sealant
Tire Treatment (Matte finish upon request)
Interior/exterior glass clean

Detailed Hand Wash: $65+ SUV- $85 +
Hand wash
Wheel clean and tire treatment (matte finish upon request)
Window Clean
Interior Dusting


Headlight restoration: $50-$100+

Engine Detail: $45+

Leather Conditioning (Connelly Hyde Care): $50+ 
(Requires the purchase of Interior Detail)

Pet hair removal: $20-$80

Wet sanding of deep clear coat scratches: By estimate
(Requires the purchase of an exterior detail)



Looking for an Auto Detailing shop you can trust?

Look no further. Michael Frost is the owner of 1st-Texan Auto Detail. He has owned and operated shops in Houston since 1985.

Among them were A.C.S , Michael's Detailing, River Oaks Custom Detailing.

Having pioneered many of today's techniques and services.
He can assist you in creating a custom detail for your individual needs. Including advanced restorative detailing (by estimate).

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