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By Estimate:

Contaminate removal from paint
Advanced (paint correction) Compounding
Windshield Ding Repair
Connolly Leather Treatment
Headlight Restoration w/UV coating

Some of the products we use:

Car Pro
Car Brite

                 "Don't trust your pride and joy to a roadside wash hut"
                               All makes and models welcome
   We install Semi-Permanent Ceramic Coatings 
The installation of a ceramic paint coating requires advanced paint correction and a very special preparation process.Bringing the finish to it's absolute best.Then the Ceramic coating process begins. The car will have to be left for 2-4 days at First Texan. To allow for process and curing time. The process produces a much harder,longer lasting shine than ANY other type of coating.
                                    Call Mike for details and 2 year warranty information.           
               Headlight / Paint correction Specialist
Monday - Friday 
By Appointment
Hours 9:30-Close
Saturday by Prior appointment     


Michael Frost is the owner of First Texan Auto Detailing. Frost is a Master Car Detailer with 30+ yrs professional experience. He has been owner / operator of Auto Detailing shops in Houston since 1985. Mike has personally high speed polished and performed paint correction on over 5000 cars in his career.

First Texan is a professional Car Detailing shop, specializing in luxury and exotic autos. We are also versed in most every brand and model of auto. We have our own single use 4000 sq ft indoor shop. Just 3 minutes from the Galleria.

Although equipment and materials are important and we have some of the best. The most important factor in a quality detail is the detailer performing the work. 

Mike will be your personal Detailer and will perform 100% of the work on your car. You won't believe the results.

Restorative Detailing Specialist

1973 Porsche 914 all original paint. pic #1 shows it after heavy washing. Pic #2 after heavy restorative detailing. You would be amazed how factory original paints can be restored by a pro.

All makes and models welcome

Raining? No problem. We can hold your car in our large indoor shop until it drys up, or up to 72 hours. Whichever comes first.So don't let the weather keep you from a great Detailing
We do Motorcycles
Headlight Restoration

Windshield Chip Repair


                                                  What is Detailing?

Detailing is the advanced cleaning,conditioning and protection of your cars inner and outer surfaces. It can also include the engine compartment, under carriage and fender wells. The paint in many cases can be brought back to it's original factory appearance.
Car Detailing can extend the life of your car.  A car that's been maintained properly will bring a higher value at re-sale. Many cars can be restored to as new condition with an advanced Detailing.
First Texan Auto Detailing can help you achieve your detailing goals. 

We are conveniently located near Chimney Rock and Interstate 59. Just outside the loop near River Oaks, Memorial, Post Oak and Greenway.
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